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Spider and varicose veins can develop after childbirth or after taking certain medications. This is due to genetics, hormone changes, weight gain, or prolonged sitting or standing. Our Cosmetic Services center now offers Schlerotherapy to treat these conditions.


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a series of chemical solutions into a vein using a very fine needle. The injections cause the vein to collapse and disappear. Generally, an injection is necessary for each inch-long segment of the vein.


Sclerotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis, and each treatment usually takes 15 minutes to an hour. Multiple treatments are often necessary to completely collapse the veins. The more veins you want to treat, the more treatments you will need.


Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for spider veins and varicose veins, but some vessels may still persist after treatment. It’s also important to understand that sclerotherapy can treat veins that are already visible, but it will not prevent new veins from becoming visible.


Talk to your doctor about your expectations during your consultation.

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